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In no particular order of importance...

Mathilde Duquenne

Team Leader

After just 2 years of experience in digital, Mathilde managed to already make a name for herself and received numerous offers from other agencies before starting at CLICKTRUST in April 2018. Her excellent insights and communication skills make her a key player in our team. In the shortest of times, she will take over and organize complex client accounts, winning everyone's confidence in the process.

Fabian Van De Wiele

Managing Director

Fabian has been active in the sector for 14 years & founded CLICKTRUST in 2013. Fabian has a strategic role for our clients and spends most of his time sharing his insights with the team and our clients. He also manages CLICKTRUST and ensures the team has the right priorities and is constantly on top of the latest changes.

Bert Onckelinx

Client Strategy Director

With his years of experience on the customer side, he knows exactly what is expected from an agency. He has a lot of knowledge and experience within e-commerce. As Client Strategy Director, he has a great passion for digital, which means he will go all the way to obtain the requested result. Even if that means bumping heads...

Ellen Wauters

Operations Manager

Ellen focuses mainly on SEO, CRO & linkbuilding and has built massive expertise within these fields. She's also responsible for the internal coordination of workflow within CLICKTRUST. She loves to work on challenging and varied projects. Because of her structured approach & advanced techniques, she's able to obtain the desired results - both when working on clients or within the team.

Dimitri Teixeira

Client Strategy Director

Dimitri joined the team in November 2018 after having spent several years in some of the biggest agencies taking care of media planning. He understands complex company structures and has great knowledge of the digital eco-system. His experience has rapidly increased results on several clients, working with them closely on strategy and ensuring quality is top level.

Yannick Timmermans

Sr Digital Performance Analyst

Yannick has extensive knowledge of Analytics & GTM. Also in PPC & SEO, he leaves no stone unturned. He works on major brands like DKV & Planet Parfum and likes to discover new things. As he's so passionate about this stuff, he goes beyond the limit in his projects. He's definitely the definition of one of our core values: "be passionately curious".

Dounia Albachiri

Digital Performance Analyst

After working on client-side for two years, Dounia decided to join CLICKTRUST so she could dig into the technical side of all different channels.Her experience allows her to quickly understand the bigger ecosystem & client needs that go with every project. Her curious mind drives her to look for long-term solutions and efficiency in all cases presented.

Jochen Fostie

Quality & Process Controller

In the last few years, Jochen has developed a massive expertise in PPC. He's on top of the latest developments & techniques and ensure this is applied to all accounts. He plays a strategic role on the team as a quality and process controller. His analytical approach results in impressive results time after time.

Valentin Verger

Team Leader

In the past years, Valentin gained a lot of experience in the Digital field, which makes him expert in different channels. By working at the client-side in the past, Valentin is able to meet the client's needs at all times. Besides being a strong analyst, Valentin has great people skills which he uses to coach and improve his team.

Valentine Blondiau

Digital Performance Analyst

After doing a master in business, Valentine started working for CLICKTRUST. After a year of learning, she grew very rapidly and now focuses especially on PPC and works on several very large PPC accounts, With a fast, accurate way of working, she delivers the consistent quality our clients demand and that CLICKTRUST is known for.

Deborah Bergiers

Sr Digital Performance Analyst

Deborah joined the team in September 2018. With a strong prior experience on client side and having worked with several agencies in the past, she knows exactly what is required from an agency today. This experience and her business-driven focus allows her to think beyond technicalities in order to focus on what really matters for our clients - driving results!

Lore Dessent

Digital Performance Analyst

After graduating from KU LEUVEN business economics with CUM LAUDE, Lore completed her studies with a postgraduate at EHSAL management school. She is now rapidly gaining in knowledge and experience in both PPC and analytics, and putting her analytical capacities to excellent use. Her speed & focus are extraordinary and a promising growth awaits!

Houda Fettaka

Digital Performance Analyst

After doing her Master in Science of Commerce, Houda did a specialization in Digital Marketing. At CLICKTRUST, she focuses especially on PPC and Link building. With a critical and thorough approach, she already grew rapidly within these fields. Thanks to her enthusiasm and curiosity in this field she embraces every opportunity to push herself to the next level.

Alexandre Massart

Client Strategy Director

Alexandre has 8 years of experience in Digital Media at the agency side. He developed an expertise in the general digital ecosystem and especially within the fields of programmatic and social. We can describe Alex as client-oriented and solution-driven with a "business first" mindset. As he's thirsty for results, Alex grows rapidly on every channel he starts to work on.

Thomas De Coster

Sr Digital performance analyst

With his 5 years of professional experience, Thomas has built a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem. He has worked on a wide variety of projects linked to media which contributed to becoming a very analytical profile. He specialized in workflow optimisation, data uniformisation and has overseen the training in operations of a whole generation of digital planners. His drive and determination turns every challenge into an opportunity to grow.

Julien Delbauve

Sr Digital performance analyst

Julien has a seldom seen passion for everything that involves digital & loves to explore new opportunities. At CLICKTRUST he's the guy that really gets s*** done, whatever it takes. New campaigns or new technologies don't scare any of us - but Julien's entrepreneurial mindset makes him excel at this. His past experience and no-nonsense mindset gets the clients the results they need.

Nathalie Azzi

Sr Digital Performance Analyst

Due to her past experience as a Digital Marketing specialist, Nathalie is familiar with the ins and outs of the digital space. By working at the client side, she’s able to anticipate perfectly to the client's needs. Nathalie has a great attention to detail and wants to deliver the perfect results at all times to keep her clients happy. She is passionate about marketing and is always curious to discover new channels and projects!

Louka Van Roy

Digital Performance Analyst

After graduating as a developer from Thomas More, Louka had acquired knowledge on the technical aspects of the digital field. With his additional degree in digital marketing he expanded his foundation. Louka has a great interest in the data driven marketing world which led him to CLICKTRUST. With his enthusiastic and analytical approach he finds a way to turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

Jean-Baptiste Brasseur

Sr Digital Performance Analyst

During his 6years at a startup, Jean-Baptiste gained a lot of experience in different fields and developed a flexible way of working. This self-taught guy is very passionate when it comes to GA, GTM & SEA. He's always looking for a way to automate in order to work as efficient as can be. He likes to explore his horizons. Give him an opportunity to learn, he will embrace it.

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