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How to give access to an agency: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool where you can handle codes and scripts on your website.  It will allow you to easily update your codes on your website or on your mobile app. In other words, through this tool you will be able to collect data (thanks to specific tags and triggers) to understand […]

17 hours ago
Deborah Bergiers
Google Tag manager  

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How to give access to an agency: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the heart of your data-driven digital marketing. As an advertiser, you want to give enough access to your agency to be able to make the best use of the data (make decisions on optimizations, create audiences, share their data with you to be able to keep track of all campaigns, …) but […]

18 hours ago
Yannick Timmermans

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The CLICKTRUST monthly pick – March 2020

News and articles that allow us to stay on top of our game. You might want to read them too.
Several of this month’s articles are in relation to the COVID-19 crisis: from how to manage paid media during the crisis to updating your GMB account.
Of course, not all interesting articles in March were related to COVID, check them out here.

4 days ago
Jochen Fostie

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The CLICKTRUST monthly pick – February 2020

Learn what would happen if you stopped doing SEO, how to look at Google Ads’ Optimization Score, how Google plans to expand into TV advertising and much more by reading the most interesting articles of February.

2 weeks ago
Jochen Fostie

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The CLICKTRUST monthly pick – January 2020

Read interesting insights about Google’s plans for Third-Party cookies, our understanding of the marketing funnel, some thoughts about Smart Shopping campaigns and more.
These are what we thought were the most interesting articles for the month of January.

2 months ago
Jochen Fostie

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