Google Tag Manager (GTM) Training

Take things into your own hands when you want to measure things.

About the training

You know there is probably a lot more you could track. You’re dependent on your agency or developer to put tags in place, and somehow it never quite seems to track things properly, or it breaks – and you again miss several weeks of data.  This course will put power into your hands.

Goals of this course:

After following this course, you will have a complete overview of all the functions of GTM, and you will be able to create triggers, tags and variables all by yourself.

This training course is ideal for:

Digital marketeers, data analysts working with GTM, marketing managers who want to know what their agencies are up to.

Prerequisite knowledge

A basic knowledge of digital marketing  & Google analytics is needed. If you don’t have this, please start first with our Google Analytics courses.

Which topics will be covered?

1. Intro & installation of GTM.
2. Understanding tags.
3. Understanding triggers.
4. Understanding triggers variables.
5. Understanding the data layer.
6. Organizing yourself with GTM.
7. Using the preview mode for debugging.
8. Creating your first tag:  installing the GA pageview tag
9. Installing Facebook pixels and installing scripts
10. Tracking clicks and turning them into events and goals in Google Analytics
11. Tracking scroll depth to identify quality visits.
12. Cross domain tracking
13. Q & A

The course is very hands on, with everyone following along on their own laptops on a testing environment.  Throughout the course, we explain how we can use these cases in campaigns and measurement. The course is taught in small groups, from 9:00 to approximately 12:30. Lunch is included.


Avenue Tervuren 36, Etterbeek, just next to Metro Merode with a direct line to central station.

How much?

350 eur per person.


Currently, no dates foreseen for 2020.

How do I register?

Please send an email to: or use the contact form below. We work in small groups, so we have trainings all the time. We also organize private trainings for groups upon request.

If you require a tailor-made training package, don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can discuss your needs.

See you soon!

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We attended 3 Google courses organized by Clicktrust and every time, we acquired interesting insights for our future actions. We were able to combine theory with practice through different excercises, which allowed us to discover some very useful functionalities for our analyses. As the knowledge levels of the attendees were quite different, we enjoyed the flexibility of the training which allowed each of us to ask questions and to choose whether or not to go into detail for the different topics that were discussed.

Julie Van Camp – Digital Manager L’Oréal

Fabian Van De Wiele

Fabian has been working with Google Analytics and GTM on a daily basis since 12 years.  He has worked with both small companies and major brands that all wanted to use their data more intelligently. If he’s not managing CLICKTRUST, you’ll find him quietely digging in some obscure Analytics account while sipping on coffee.


Currently no dates foreseen for our Google Tag Manager (GTM) trainings.

We also organize private trainings for groups upon request.


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