Google Analytics & Dashboarding

90% of all analytics installations are totally broken. What about yours?

A proper Analytics setup helps you to make the right decisions

It is impossible to make informed decisions for campaigns and website improvement if your website analytics setup is a mess. We can audit, advise & implement an analytics installation that exactly meets your needs.

We understand you don't need data pukes. We'll create dashboards in Data Studio that match the needs of the persons reading them.

Google Analytics audit

Funnels, macro & micro conversions, utm setups, cross domain tracking, default channel grouping...We'll look at everything.

Tagging workshop & plans

We listen to your business needs and map your tracking needs together. A complete tagging plan is created and maintained at all times.

GTM Installation

We implement triggers, tags & whatever it takes to get everything working. We can give you full data layer requirements and follow up with the developers.

Data Studio Dashboarding

Do you need a business dashboard or a channel health dashboard? What is the role of the person reading the dashboard? We don't do data pukes.

Ready to seriously upgrade your analytics capacities?

Are you missing internal resources or looking to complement your in-house team? Let's discuss your ambitions and check if we can be a good match.

Let's sit together