We get you to the top of the SERPs both with solid foundations & advanced modern techniques.

From smart quick wins to massive linkbuilding campaigns. Our approach covers both linkbuilding, content & technical factors.

We're used to working with all sorts of organisations, and especially with big brands. We know you have large and complex eco-systems with many stakeholders. The last thing you need is a 30 000€ SEO audit with recommendations that you can not implement because of lack of internal alignment.

Our approach will assess the situation and stakeholders involved, evangelize and train your staff, and ensure we have full sponsorship of everyone involved. SEO is not a fix, it should be part of your DNA. Not just something IT or the content people. Everyone that has a stake in the website needs to be on board.

Most agencies that do "SEO" nowadays focus on 3 pillars: technical seo, content & authority.

We'll bring you a 4th and 5th one: people & process.

If you do have a complex eco-system, people will need to buy into an SEO project before starting. There will be hidden costs and unexpected concerns. Come talk to us first, we'll be happy to help.

Visibility Analysis

All keywords aren't equal and you need to figure out what keywords correspond to what stage of the customer journey. We help you map all this out and benchmark your visibility with competitors.

Technical audit

Once we've figured out what your business should work on, the website undergoes a technical audit to identify the areas where search engines are properly crawling or indexing the site.

Content audit & creation

Armed with data from our visibility research, we optimise existing content and help you create new content for any gaps that have been defined. We work with copywriters that have been trained by us.


This is still the number one SEO factor and one of our flagship services. We know how to scale linkbuilding and are doing this for some massive brands in Belgium. This is where the real improvement lies.

Ready to start booking tangible results and not just receive technical documents?

Contact us for an integrated SEO approach. If you have dedicated resources, we can act as your specialist SEO agency that offers an external perspective. If you have no dedicated resources, we will not only propose an approach and recommedantions, but also integrate your organisation to ensure the approach gets rolled out.

Let's sit together