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We've been training brands and sharing our knowledge for years.

Tried and tested tips and techniques.

Small groups. Way beyond the basics.

Want to know how to slash costs and scale campaigns with new keywords, automated bidding and audiences? 



1 day - Webinar - Intermediary

2 days - Small group - Advanced

Know your way around but not sure how to interpret things?

You've gone through basic Analytics trainings and you are ready for the next level... Our 6 person virtual course is just what you need.



2 days - Online training - Beginner

After following this 2-day course, you will have a complete overview of digital media buying.

You’re dependent on your agency or developer to put tags in place, and somehow it's not correct or it breaks?



half day - Webinar - Beginner

Google SEO has changed a lot in many ways since 5 years ago. Some things haven’t. What should we focus on today? 


1 day - Webinar - Beginner

These brands have trusted us to train them for years.

Our trainings are built on years of expertise. They are not written by Facebook or Google. They are not vague ideas or notions about what might work.

No "covid-19" crystal ball gazing...

Tried and tested strategies only.

"I attended the SEA, SEO & Analytics training given by Clicktrust Academy. Each session was highly informative, with many insights that could be applied to our projects. An eye-opener to all the possibilities."


What our students are saying.

Guy Sauvage

Head of Digital STIB/MIVB

"Every time, we acquired interesting insights for our future actions. We were able to combine theory with practice through different exercises, which allowed us to discover some very useful functionalities.


Julie Van Camp
Digital Manager L’OrΓ©al

Fabian Van De Wiele

Managing Director at Clicktrust

"Clicktrust Academy is used by our own team to train and onboard new staff. We'll train you together with our own staff"

Bert Onckelinx

Client Strategy Director at Clicktrust

"Small groups. Hands-on exercises. No theoretical nonsense. Gems of knowledge based on more than 10 years of experience!"

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