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As more and more marketing and communication officers are dealing with lines of digital media in their media plans, the need to understand what is going on has never been greater. 

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Only 149€/module • 2 modules of 2 hours / day

Build a solid foundation of knowledge in digital media

and attend your future meetings with confidence.

The 10 Main topics...

✅ The digital media ecosystem

✅ Understanding digital touchpoints

✅The customer journey in reality.

✅ Deep-dive into the main digital channels

✅ How measurement works

You will have a complete overview of digital media. You will use words like DSP and last-click attribution as if you’ve been doing this all your life. You will attend your future meetings with confidence. 

✅ Attribution: promises vs reality

✅ Ad-tech stacks today 

✅ Connecting business KPIs to digital media

✅ Dashboarding: tactical VS strategic

✅ How to build a plan in 2020

Only 149€/module • 2 modules of 2 hours / day

Full agenda of this training...

Digital touchpoints across the customer journey & the digital media ecosystem

✔️ From awareness to purchase: what are the digital touchpoints?

✔️ History of online media: from traditional buying to automated buying, the rise of social, search, video & display

✔️ Who does what? The role of inhouse marketers, ad tech providers, publishers and agencies

➡️   Module 01

Deepdive into the main digital channels: Search, Video, Social, Display & Native

✔️ Search: best practices & common errors

✔️Social: best practices & common errors

✔️Video: best practices & common errors

✔️Display: best practices & common errors

✔️Native: best practices & common errors

✔️Break the silo’s: building an audience based strategy

➡️   Module 02


Data & tools

✔️ Measurement & attribution tools: promises vs reality

✔️ Brand safety & viewability: tools we need to ensure our ads are in a safe place & reaching the right people

✔️ DMPs and CDPs: what they can do & cases

✔️ Ad-tech stacks today : Google marketing platform & the full stack advantage

✔️ Dashboarding: tactical VS strategic reporting

➡️   Module 03

Measuring and setting the right KPIs

✔️ Future proofing measurement & attribution

✔️Basic tactical media KPI’s by channel

✔️Connecting business KPIs to digital media KPIs: understanding causal relationships

✔️Building a plan and selecting the right KPIs along the customer journey

➡️   Module 04


Only 149€/module • 2 modules of 2 hours / day

Basic knowledge of digital marketing & general marketing principles will be handy.

...this course is not for everyone!

This training course is ideal for:

➡️ Digital media managers

➡️ Communication officers

➡️ Marketing managers.

Only 149€/module • 2 modules of 2 hours / day

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What our students are saying:

"I attended the SEA, SEO & Analytics training given by Clicktrust Academy. Each session was highly informative, with many insights that could be applied to our projects. An eye-opener to all the possibilities."


Guy Sauvage

Head of Digital STIB/MIVB

"Every time, we acquired interesting insights for our future actions. We were able to combine theory with practice through different exercises, which allowed us to discover some very useful functionalities.


Julie Van Camp
Digital Manager L’Oréal

Fabian Van De Wiele. Managing director at CLICKTRUST.

Fabian has been in digital for almost 20 years. He’s built websites in notepad, setup Google Ads campaigns for SME’s and international brands, and has executed countless of SEO projects. He has seen digital evolve massively and has trained hundreds of people both in Belgium and abroad.

Your host for the training

Check out his LinkedIn. He is dropping loads of golden nuggets. -> Connect now.

All you need to know

✔️ Session in english

✔️ Only 149€ per module

✔️ Hands-on exercises

✔️ +300 students followed our trainings

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✔️ Case study presentation

✔️ AMA (Ask Me Anything)

What's worse than long and boring webinars with low-quality audio?
No worries. We've got you covered. This is a training, not just a webinar

We are using zoom, one of the most efficient video webinar tool. We also make our presentation very dynamic including : 

• Q&A
• Polls
• Questions whenever you want

• Live exercises

Our online training is divided into 4 modules of 2 hours each.

Each period separated by 10mins break to keep your brain fresh,

as well as a 1-hour lunch break. 

Your schedule for the training

10 a.m to 11 a.m

11 a.m to 12 p.m

13 p.m to 14 p.m

14 p.m to 15 p.m

Module 01

Module 02

Agenda Day 1

10 a.m to 11 a.m

11 a.m to 12 p.m

13 p.m to 14 p.m

14 p.m to 15 p.m

Module 03

Module 04

Agenda Day 2

Only 149€/module • 2 modules of 2 hours / day