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So what’s new in the digital world in July?

Google has rolled out several updates to Performance Max campaigns, Search Console’s integration with GA4 and Merchant Center and a Kantar study showed that native video ads have a greater impact than video ads on social and video platforms.

Let’s get you up to speed.



Welcoming 3 new clients: Multipharma, Tom&Co and RTBF

– Lore Dessent

“We recently welcomed no less than 3 new clients to our portfolio. From now on, Multipharma, Tom&Co, and RTBF will rely on our expertise and benefit from our transparent and innovative way of working.”


Google-related updates

Google adds 4 new features for Performance Max campaigns

– Search Engine Land

“Google is attempting to give advertisers more transparency and control over their Performance Max campaigns. While many advertisers agree that this is a step in the right direction to better control and performance, they should also be aware that the explanations and optimization score recommendations are guidelines, not required fixes.”

Google Analytics 4 integration now available for Ads Manager

– Search Engine Land

“Viewing and gathering reports on information regarding app monetization and behavioral data from Google Analytics 4 allows advertisers to further track the customer journey and provide deeper audience insights. “

Google offers to split part of its ad-tech business to avoid DOJ trouble

– Search Engine Land

“In their latest efforts to fend off a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice, Google is offering to split the part of the business that auctions and places ads on websites and apps into a separate company under the Alphabet umbrella. “

Google updates advanced location options for Performance Max campaigns

– Search Engine Land

“For Performance Max campaigns with a Google Merchant Center feed, you’ll now see advanced location options for targeting and exclusions.”

Google Merchant Center auto-tagging now supported on all shopping experiences

– Search Engine Land

“Google now supports auto-tagging within Google Merchant Center for all free listings and free local listings experiences across Google Search and properties.

Previously, when Google announced support for auto-tagging on free listings earlier this year, it was just for the Google Shopping tab.”

Google launches diagnostic insights for Performance Max campaigns

– Search Engine Land

“To help advertisers ensure their Performance Max campaigns are set up correctly, Google has launched diagnostic insights. The insights are aimed to help ensure there are no delays or issues causing low engagement or disapproved ads. “

Google Search Console Insights now supports Google Analytics 4

– Search Engine Land

“Google has added support for sites using Google Analytics 4 to show data in Google Search Console Insights. Previously, if you only set up GA4 for your site, Search Console Insights would show you almost no information but now that has changed.”



Google Search ranking updates

– Search Engine Land

“Released the July 2022 product reviews update for English-language product reviews. The rollout will take 2-3 weeks to complete. “

Social Media news

Furthering our commitment to brand safety and suitability with the launch of the TikTok Inventory Filter

– TikTok

“We’re committed to creating the most trusted entertainment platform for all brands to reach their audiences. First and foremost, fostering that trust starts with creating a safe environment for our community. We also recognize that each brand has unique priorities, which means that it’s important that they have the ability to effectively manage the environment where their ads show up.”

Pinterest doubles down on Shopping, introducing API for Shopping and Product Tagging for Pins, Driving Merchant Success on the Platform

– Pinterest

“Pinterest is introducing several new innovative merchant features to help retailers realize success on the platform, offering Pinners an even more expansive shopping experience.”

Native video tops social media in brand awareness study

– MarTech

“Native video ads have a greater impact than video ads on social and video platforms, a new study from Kantar reported. The Multichannel Brand Impact study measured video ad effectiveness for brand goals in native environments against other environments.”

Other news

Netflix names Microsoft as partner for new consumer subscription plan

– Microsoft

“Marketers looking to Microsoft for their advertising needs will have access to the Netflix audience and premium connected TV inventory. All ads served on Netflix will be exclusively available through the Microsoft platform.”

Worsening economy has more shoppers getting online info before making in-store purchases

– MarTech

“Consumer spending increased in May, but only by 0.2%, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. This explains why 76% of U.S. shoppers are searching online for reviews and better prices before buying in store, according to a new Adobe Commerce study of sentiment among over 1,000 U.S. consumers. Also, when they’re in a store 60% are using their phone to look for better prices elsewhere.”



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