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So what’s new in the digital world in September?

Google is investing in new ways to manage first-party data, new features for easier shopping on Google are coming, TikTok added additional regional trend insights, Microsoft announced Multimedia Ads,  and much more.

Let’s get you up to speed.




Adapting your campaign for future revenue with Customer Lifetime Value

– Yannick Timmermans

“At CLICKTRUST, we have several types of clients that are active in different industries. One segment is e-commerce. In this vertical, we have 2 clients that are similar in terms of client behavior as they both have clients that are coming back to the website to buy again. The difference between both is that one sector is extremely competitive with low margins, which requires a slightly different way of looking at the data.

In both cases, we need to have an idea of the future revenue of recently acquired clients to be able to assess the proper investment level and channel mix today.”


The importance of Web Analytics data segmentation

– Sheila Abimana

“Many companies are confronted with huge amounts of data and the challenge to get the most value out of it for their marketing mix. In this blog post, we will discuss how data segmentation has a key role in how to convert more prospects and ultimately sell more. As Avinash Kaushik wrote a few years back: The Choice is Stark: Segment or Die!”


Data, analytics & privacy


Google is investing in new ways for publishers to manage first-party data

– Google Ad Manager

“People’s expectations for online privacy have changed, making it essential that digital advertising evolves to better meet their needs. That’s why we’ve been investing in durable solutions to help publishers of all sizes grow their businesses in privacy-forward ways. To help our partners prepare for the future, we’re sharing details on new and updated features that give publishers added control of their first-party data and how they can share it with their advertising partners.”


Google Consent Mode – and why it is flawed

– Brian Clifton

“Google Consent Mode cannot be considered a valid form of compliance in the EU (ePD and GDRP laws), and possibly nowhere. For example, there are plenty of fingerprint identifiers in a Google Analytics hit sent using consent mode – not least the visitor’s IP address.”



Google-related updates

Google is introducing new tools to create more engaging ads

– Google Ads & Commerce Blog

“We’re rolling out new workflows and reports that bring ad extensions and assets together. As a result of this change, ad extensions will now be called assets to better align with this evolved identity.”


9 new features and tools for easier shopping on Google

– Google Product Updates

“Shopping isn’t just about buying. It’s also about exploring your options, discovering new styles and trends, and researching to make sure you’re getting the right product at the right price. Today at our annual Search On event, we announced nine new ways we’re transforming the way you shop with Google, bringing you a more immersive, informed, and personalized shopping experience.”


10 biggest announcements from Google Search On 22

– Search Engine Land

“At the Search On 22 event, Google announced a number of new features across Google Search, Google News, Google Shopping, and beyond.”


New Search Console Merchant Listings report: expanding eligibility with Product structured data

– Google Search Central Blog

“Google is pleased to announce expanded eligibility for enhanced product experiences in Google Search through the use of Product structured data. These enhanced product experiences were previously only open to Merchant Center users.”


Google is now allowing products in all countries to use a single Merchant Center feed

– Search Engine Land

“The Google Merchant Center has introduced a new feed label for advanced users that removes the concept of one target country being the primary country for a feed. “


Google On Why Helpful Content Update Seems Quiet

– Search Engine Journal

“Reports that the update is quiet caught the attention of Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, who addresses the situation in a series of tweets. In short, Sullivan reiterates a point made last week about the update being part of a continuing effort and says rankings should be fine for websites publishing good content.”


Performance Max support in Google Ads scripts

– Google Ads Developer Blog

“We’re launching support for Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads scripts. This is treated as a brand new campaign type in scripts, similar to how video or shopping campaigns already work.”



Social Media news

TikTok adds additional regional trend insights

– Search Engine Land

“TikTok has added more insights, countries, industries, holidays, and other key market trends to its insights tool. Part of its Creative Center platform, the Insights tool allows you to filter by age group, viewer type (creator, advertiser, user), industry, events, and year.”


Introducing Collaborative Ads Local Delivery on Facebook

– Meta

“To help grocery stores and restaurants give people more ways to shop, we are rolling out Collaborative Ads local delivery globally. These ads allow local businesses and consumer packaged goods brands to create awareness for their products next to options for people to order those same products from a local delivery service.”


Using call ads on Facebook to grow your business

– Meta

“We’re announcing new updates to call ads to help businesses build better customer relationships, find more quality leads and reach more potential customers to grow their business.”


New Ways to Get Even More Out of Your LinkedIn Ads

– LinkedIn

“You might not be familiar with some of the newer features we’ve recently rolled out for marketers on LinkedIn, so this is a great place to get up-to-speed.”



Unlimited Google Search Console Keywords Through BigQuery – Data Studio Template

– Mike Ginley

“One of the tougher parts of SEO is not having access to all keywords that lead users to your site. Google Analytics shows (not provided) for 99.9% of keywords and we are limited to 500 keywords in Google Search Console. This led me to find my own workaround to get unlimited Google Search Console keywords for free in Google Sheets.”


Other news

Brand storytelling meets performance marketing with Microsoft Multimedia Ads

– Microsoft Advertising Blog

“Now you can stand out with more engaging and appealing experiences. We’re excited to announce the general availability of Multimedia Ads in all markets where Bing is available! You can now serve Multimedia Ads on the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network. This responsive ad format uses Microsoft machine learning to combine images, headlines, and descriptions to create relevant high-impact visual ads.”


Pinterest Import and other product updates in Microsoft Ads in September

– Microsoft Advertising Blog

“Import solutions save you time, make it easier to get set up, and bring your campaigns to Microsoft Advertising. You may already be familiar with our existing Import tools, which make it easy to bring over your campaigns, ads, and assets right from Google and Facebook. We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new addition to our import family—Pinterest Import—helping you to seamlessly integrate your marketing strategy across platforms.”


New Apple ad spots are coming by the end of the year

– Search Engine Land

“Apple is planning to release new ad placements as early as this holiday season. There is no word yet on where the new placements will be, but recently we announced that Apple was planning to place ads in the Suggested, Today, and You Might Also Like sections.”


HUMAN Discovers and Disrupts Ad Fraud Scheme Impacting 89 Apps with More Than 13 Million Downloads from Google Play and Apple App Stores

– HUMAN Security

“HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops), the global leader in safeguarding enterprises from digital attacks with modern defense, announced the discovery and disruption of a highly sophisticated fraud operation targeting advertising software development kits (SDKs) within 9 apps on the Apple App Store and 80 Android apps on the Google Play Store, which collectively have been downloaded more than 13 million times.”




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