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In today’s fast-paced world, where digital marketing reigns supreme, it’s easy to overlook the potential of traditional advertising channels. However, at CLICKTRUST, we believe in rediscovering the hidden gem that can truly revolutionise your campaigns: Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of DOOH and explore why it should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.


What is digital-out-of-home advertising exactly?

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising refers to the use of digital displays and screens placed in various physical locations to deliver targeted advertising messages to consumers.

Unlike traditional Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, which typically consists of static billboards and posters, DOOH utilises digital technologies to create dynamic and interactive advertising experiences. These digital displays can be found in high-traffic areas such as streets, train stations, shopping malls, airports, and other public spaces, effectively reaching a wide range of audiences.

DOOH campaigns often leverage advanced targeting capabilities, real-time data, and creative content to deliver personalised and engaging advertisements that capture viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impact. By harnessing the power of technology and strategic ad placements, DOOH offers brands a versatile and impactful medium to connect with their target audience in the real world.

Use the limitless potential of DOOH advertising for your awareness campaigns, regardless of the scale of your campaign. While there is no minimum budget requirement, it’s important to invest wisely in order to ensure an effective campaign that aligns with your specific targeting needs. Keep in mind that the budget allocation will vary depending on whether you are running a national campaign or a localised one targeting specific areas or shops.

The benefits of digital-out-of-home advertising

Imagine the impact of reaching an astounding 96% of the available audience in Belgium with your advertising message on a weekly basis. That’s the power of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

With digital-out-of-home advertising, you can take it even further. Recent studies have shown that DOOH campaigns result in remarkable increases across various metrics. The companies included in the study experienced a remarkable 46% boost in in-store visits, a whopping 56% increase in brand exposure, and an impressive 37% uplift in campaign effectiveness. These statistics demonstrate the tangible impact and real-world results DOOH can bring to your brand.


Catchy and compelling

What sets DOOH apart is its ability to captivate audiences like never before. Research indicates that DOOH advertising is 60% more attention-grabbing than its traditional OOH counterpart.

The dynamic and interactive nature of DOOH campaigns allows you to create immersive experiences that resonate with viewers, leaving a lasting impression. With creative messaging and visually stunning displays, you can seize the attention of passersby and ensure your brand stands out in the crowd.


Complementing media channels

But DOOH is not just a standalone marketing tool; it complements other media channels in three crucial ways: WHO, WHEN, and WHERE.

When it comes to reaching the desired demographic, OOH, together with the internet, has the highest penetration among people under the age of 55. This makes it an excellent channel for engaging with the younger generation and building brand affinity among them.



In terms of timing, DOOH excels during peak hours when people are outdoors and actively on the move. Unlike TV, which gains popularity during late-night hours, and radio, which dominates the early morning, DOOH enables you to target an audience that is actively engaged in the outside world.

Strategic placements of DOOH in various locations such as streets, stations, subways, airports, malls, and prominent billboards offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with consumers in high-traffic areas. Collaborations between DOOH providers like JCDecaux with leading brands such as Carrefour and Delhaize exemplify the effectiveness and versatility of DOOH campaigns.


Utilizing high-traffic areas, DOOH street billboards reach a wide range of passersby, capturing their attention and increasing brand visibility in an engaging and immersive manner.



Strategically positioned at entrances, DOOH billboards in front of supermarkets seize the opportunity to prominently showcase advertisements, effectively capturing the attention of shoppers. This drives brand awareness, potentially influencing their purchasing decisions and increasing foot traffic to the advertised product or brand.


Shopping mall

DOOH shopping mall billboards provide added value by maximizing visibility and engagement in a key retail environment, allowing brands to reach and influence shoppers in a captive setting where they are open to discovering new products and making purchase decisions.



By strategically placing ads in central halls and entrances of train stations, DOOH station billboards offer a valuable opportunity. They ensure exposure to a captivated audience during peak hours, effectively targeting engaged individuals who are on the move and open to discovering new products and services.



DOOH airport billboards offer a unique added value by reaching a highly desirable and captive audience of travellers, enabling advertisers to effectively target and engage with a diverse range of individuals from various locations and backgrounds. With the ability to capture attention in a high-traffic environment, DOOH airport billboards provide brands with a powerful platform to create memorable and impactful advertising experiences, leaving a lasting impression on travellers during their journey.


As advertisers, it’s crucial to explore every avenue that can help your brand leave a lasting impact on your target audience. DOOH advertising presents a unique opportunity to captivate viewers, boost brand visibility, and drive tangible results. With its remarkable reach, ability to complement other media channels, and the power to engage people on the move, DOOH is a game-changer in the advertising landscape.


Boost your sales and engagement

To bridge the gap between offline and online worlds, interactions play a crucial role in strengthening the advertising effect and intensifying brand loyalty. OOH advertising can leverage this by encouraging interactions through calls to action, such as engaging with smartphones.


Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Ice Tea’s DOOH campaign yielded remarkable results, with a notable 25% increase in buyers within just one week of its launch, showcasing the tangible impact of DOOH in driving consumer action and conversions.

Furthermore, studies have consistently demonstrated that integrating OOH advertising, comprising 40% of your media mix, can deliver an impressive 33% boost in sales, emphasizing the effectiveness of this advertising medium in generating tangible business outcomes.


Additionally, direct technical interfaces can transform OOH advertising spaces into online communication portals, closing the divide between offline and online experiences.


Google Play

In 2020, Google Play, for example, launched a DOOH campaign to boost the adoption of content rental such as movies, books etc.


With DOOH, your brand can leverage the push and pull factors between offline and online advertising. By providing genuine and useful added value, you can encourage recipients to follow calls to action and engage across multiple channels. The seamless transition from DOOH to mobile should always be quick and easy to implement, maximizing the potential for interaction and brand engagement.

When comparing DOOH to traditional static posters, the impact is undeniable, with DOOH delivering 2.5 times the level of engagement. This dynamic and evolving medium truly takes your brand’s visibility and impact to new heights.

How we improved the brand awareness of Zuny with DOOH


As a sister brand of VOO, Zuny remains a challenger on the telco market. To ensure an effective market penetration, Zuny required greater visibility. The objective was to expand Zuny’s reach and raise awareness among the French and Belgian audience. To achieve this, we decided to expand the reach in the street with programmatic DOOH.


To address this challenge, we launched a strategically planned DOOH campaign that ran for a duration of 4 weeks in parallel with the TV campaign.


The results of our campaign were remarkable. We successfully reached an impressive audience of 800,000 people in Brussels and Wallonia. This achievement was made possible through the strategic placement of our ads across 163 screens located in key areas such as streets, stations, and retail environments.

When we mention “streets,” we refer to all panels positioned on the sides of streets, making our brand visible to a wide range of passersby. The inclusion of “stations” implies our strategic presence in the central halls of train stations and at their entrances, ensuring exposure to a captive audience. Additionally, our campaign extended to “retail” locations, where we displayed our ads prominently in front of supermarkets at their entrances, maximizing visibility and engagement.

The Zuny campaign exemplifies the power of DOOH in delivering tangible results for our clients with +2.7% leads and reaching 800k people. By strategically placing our ads in high-traffic areas and leveraging the captivating nature of DOOH, we were able to reach a significant audience and effectively support the TV campaign.


In conclusion, DOOH advertising is a game-changer, offering brands a versatile and impactful medium to connect with their target audience in the real world. It utilizes digital technologies to create dynamic and interactive experiences, capturing viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression. DOOH’s benefits are evident through remarkable increases in metrics like in-store visits, brand exposure, and campaign effectiveness. It complements other media channels by reaching the desired demographic, excelling during peak hours, and strategically placing ads in high-traffic areas.

The Zuny campaign exemplifies DOOH’s power, reaching 800,000 people and increasing leads by +2.7%. With its captivating content and strategic placements, DOOH delivers tangible results, solidifying its position as a powerful advertising tool.


Partner with CLICKTRUST for DOOH success

At CLICKTRUST, we recognize the potential of DOOH and its ability to elevate your marketing campaigns to new heights. Partner with us, and together we can harness the power of this often-overlooked gem of advertising. Contact us today to embark on an exciting journey and unlock the untapped potential of DOOH for your brand’s success.

Remember, DOOH is not just a forgotten channel; it’s a game-changer that can transform the way you connect with your audience.


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