Competitive salaries & personal growth.

We're always hiring people with talent that want to learn.

We're looking for someone that speaks 6 languages, has 10 years of experience, writes PPC scripts while making a latte macchiato and watching a webinar, and that can manage at least 25 high maintenance accounts while training newcomers.

Actually, no, we're not. We don't believe in unicorns. They don't exist. We do believe in training, personal growth & competitive salaries. If that sounds good, apply to one of our open positions, or send us an open solicitation.

You get so much more than what you see.

Rapid growth of your skills
Constant training
Working for strong brands
Dynamic team
Fringe benefits
Competitive salaries
Fun work environment
Daily Lunch included

Our open positions

Senior Digital Performance Analyst.

Are you passionate about data, analytics & bidding strategies? Ready to go to international conferences and work on leading brands? We're your next step - your growth will explode here, without doing overtime.

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Client Strategy Director

You're sick of s**t that moves too slow at the client side. You know what needs to be done strategy wise and you want to move to a high speed environment where you can get your ideas executed.

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Junior Performance Analyst

You're smart but humble. You're crazy ambitious. You want to learn and grow personally, as fast as you can. You won't find a better place to launch your career than at CLICKTRUST.

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You (almost) have a degree in digital marketing or communication and you're looking for an exciting, challenging intership with lots to learn? Send us your CV and motivation letter!

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