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As we have often stated, CLICKTRUST aims to actively give back. We consider the success of our business as a real privilege. Yes, we work hard and like to think we’re pretty good at what we do… But the reality is also that we are just simply privileged to have been born and educated in the right place, at the right time.

And honestly – if CLICKTRUST is what it is today, a lot of it is due to
sheer darn luck, because believe me when I say it could have gone the other way
very easily!😂😂😂

So as part of our vision, we’ve always tried to give back. Over the years, we’ve donated tens of thousands of euro’s to several causes.  Cancer research, Unicef, local initiatives in Brussels supporting inclusion, and so on.  The last year we have been particularly active in Burundi, where we started by supporting the Stamm Foundation by boosting their online presence and taking the first steps in digital fundraising.

We also created, first as an internal agency for the Stamm Foundation, and in a second stage as a company that helps local companies in Burundi establish a digital presence at a low budget, while creating employment for young people..

In the beginning of this year, one of the employees had a very sick son – the 5 year old boy was suffering from severe kidney failure. After several weeks of costly dialysis – it was clear he’d need a kidney transplant.

With healthcare being very costly in Burundi, and especially this type of operation done by foreign specialists, CLICKTRUST decided to finance the entire operation and subsequent care.

Two weeks ago, Suzanne and I went to visit Sheldon in the city of Gitega, in the beautiful hills of Burundi – Sheldon has recovered very well from the operation and is now doing much better!

Thank you to our wonderful employees and clients who help enable this by believing and trusting in CLICKTRUST every day.


Fabian (CEO CLICKTRUST), Sheldon and Suzanne (Fabian’s wife and also CLICKTRUST employee)

Fabian Van De Wiele

Managing Director & Founder