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Business intelligence

We’ll help you obtain actionable insights from your data

Data collection

Nearly everything is measurable these days, which means that many companies no longer see the trees for the woods. That is why a clear tagging & measurement plan based on your business needs always forms the basis of everything we measure at CLICKTRUST. Based on this plan, we set up the necessary tags, triggers, and variables in Google Tag Manager or the tag management system of your choice. We can give you full data layer requirements and follow up with your developers.

In addition, we are happy to assist you in setting up or auditing your digital analytics, whether this is done via Google Analytics 4, Adobe Analytics, or an alternative platform. We also have the necessary expertise in-house for setting up the Facebook Pixel, the LinkedIn Insight Tag, Google Ads conversion tracking, etc.

Data harmonization, transformation & enrichment

Like many companies, your organization probably collects data from many different sources: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Display & Video 360, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… You have probably already noticed that comparing or combining these data sources is not always easy.

The first crucial step in linking data is to ensure data harmonization: making sure that the same naming conventions are used in all systems.

In a lot of cases, however, this is not enough, and data transformation is also required. With the help of tools like Funnel, we can ensure that data from different resources can be easily combined. Would you also like an overview of the performance per country, language, brand, store, …? We can easily take care of this thanks to ‘custom dimensions’. And there are still endless other possibilities.

But the real insights come from data enrichment, in which we merge first-party data, like CRM data, with third-party data, such as data from Google Analytics.

Media mix modeling & statistical analysis

Does your company spend tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of euros annually on digital media without having any idea whether the overall media investment has an impact on your overall sales volume?

We help you to gain a better understanding of this using media mix modeling (MMM) and statistical analysis. Unlike digital attribution which is cookie dependent and limited to online media, MMM allows us to determine the impact of both online and offline upper-funnel campaigns. With traditional attribution, this is much more difficult due to the short lifespan of cookies.

Ultimately, MMM helps us decide on the best budget allocation across the entire funnel. Our statistical models take into account media investment, price, promotions, competition, and more.

Data visualisation, measurement & activation

Visualizing your data is one of the most impactful ways to communicate complex data. At CLICKTRUST, we don’t believe in horrible data pukes. Instead, we help you identify the KPIs that are needed to assess success.

Based on this information, we create user-friendly dashboards that actually help your team and stakeholders draw useful insights. Like this, they can make informed decisions for campaigns and website improvement.

Depending on the preferences of your company, we can build dashboards in Google Data Studio, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

Data & analytics trainings

We offer a variety of web analytics trainings for those that want to gain a deeper understanding of popular analytics platforms like Google Analytics 4, Matomo, Piwik Pro and/or Adobe Analytics.

In addition to web analytics tools, we also offer training courses in Google Tag Manager and Google Looker Studio. These trainings help you take your web analytics to the next level, allowing you to create custom tags, track specific events, and build powerful visualizations and dashboards.

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Ready to switch gears?

We are that pure player agency that will work with you on your campaigns, while working also on your next step in digital maturity. Our hybdrid consulting/agency model is ideal to help you grow step by step. If you have already done some first campaigns and gathered data, we´ll see together with you how we can tie it all together and move to the next level.