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So what’s new in the digital world in March?

Google announced the depreciation of Universal Analytics and the URL Parameters Tool,  Youtube is dropping Maximize Lift bidding, Meta is testing new tools to give brands control over ad placements on its platform, and much more!

Let’s get you up to speed.



Google Analytics 4 : One year later

– Jean-Baptiste Brasseur

“Given that Universal Analytics is doomed to become obsolete and will no longer be updated, it is high time to get familiar with Google Analytics 4. What has changed since the release of GA4? Should I still use Universal Analytics?”

Does branded paid search bring in incremental traffic?

– Jochen Fostie

“For a lot of Google Ads accounts we audit, either as part of a client contract or for a pitch, we notice that a big majority of the total budget is going to Branded traffic. At first sight, the results are also great, driving a majority of the tracked hard conversions at a very low CPL. But is Branded Paid Search really growing the revenue/business of our clients?”


Data & privacy

EU and U.S. agree to new data-sharing pact, offering some respite for Big Tech


“The European Union and the U.S. on Friday announced they had agreed “in principle” to a new framework for cross-border data transfers, providing some much-needed relief for tech giants like Meta and Google.”

“Privacy Shield 2.0”? – First Reaction by Max Schrems


“It is regrettable that the EU and US have not used this situation to come to a ‘no spy’ agreement, with baseline guarantees among like-minded democracies. Customers and businesses face more years of legal uncertainty.”

Google starts global tests of Privacy Sandbox ad targeting

– TechCrunch

“Since Google is not making any privacy changes mandatory, it is basically asking advertising companies to voluntarily stop collecting data on users. If advertisers wanted to do that, they could make that change today. Advertisers don’t actually need to wait for a technical solution to be finished.”


Google-related updates

RIP Universal Analytics, Hello GA4

– Krista Seiden

“Google has announced that Universal Analytics will stop collecting new data on July 1, 2023 for free GA customers. That means you have ~15 months to prepare.”

New Integration For GA4 And Search Ads 360

– Search Engine Journal

“With the deprecation of Universal Analytics coming in July 2023, Google has introduced a new integration of Google Analytics 4 and Search Ads 360.”

Google Merchant Center Integration Live For Some In Google Analytics 4

– Search Engine Roundtable

“Google Analytics 4 now allows you to link Google Analytics to Google Merchant Center, in addition to other Google products.”

Spring cleaning: the URL Parameters tool

– Google Search Central Blog

“We’re deprecating the URL Parameters Tool in Search Console in 1 month. There’s no action required from the current users of the tool.”

Google Page Experience Update – Desktop Rollout Complete

– Search Engine Journal

“Google confirms the page experience update finished rolling out to desktop search results. Positive or negative shifts in desktop search rankings, occurring on or after March 3, could be attributed to Google’s page experience update.”

YouTube to drop Maximize Lift bidding

– Search Engine Land

“Google will be ending support for Maximize Lift bidding for YouTube, leaving a TrueView, in-stream ads option behind as YouTube continues to enhance its ad offerings.”

Google Adds New Seller Performance Badges, New Pricing Insights for eCommerce Brands

– Social Media Today

“Google’s adding some new tools for eCommerce brands, including a new ratings program for online shopping experience and additional insights into key product trends to help inform your pricing and marketing strategies.”




Google May Surface More Short-Form Video In Search Results

– Search Engine Journal

“Google is working on ways to show more short-form video in search results, saying it’s a clear and concise format for satisfying certain queries.”

Google: Keep Old Redirected URLs In Sitemaps Files Temporarily

– Search Engine Roundtable

“Google’s John Mueller said that you should keep old URLs that have been redirected elsewhere in your XML sitemap file temporarily (one to three months) and not long term.”


Social Media news

Meta to test new tools to give brands control over ad placement on its platforms later this year

– TechCrunch

“Meta says it will begin testing new content tools designed to give advertisers control over where their ads are shown on Facebook and Instagram feeds. The tools will allow companies to prevent their ads from being placed next to unsuitable content, such as posts about politics, tragedy or violence.”

TikTok Launches ‘Beta Testing’ For Ads In Search Results For Selected Partners

– Digital Information World

“TikTok is now launching search ads for some of its selected partners. This new option rolled out by TikTok means more and more TikTok advertisers would now be able to selectively target their searchers, who are on the lookout for specific terms.”



New Google Ads scripts experience

– Google Ads Developer Blog

“Starting soon, all new scripts will default to the new scripts experience, although you can still disable it on a script by script basis if necessary. Existing scripts won’t be affected until September of 2022. After that, we will migrate all scripts to the new experience. You should manually move your scripts over to the new experience before then to ensure continued functionality.”

Auto-generated Summaries in Google Docs

– Google AI Blog

“Google Docs now automatically generates suggestions to aid document writers in creating content summaries.”




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