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So what’s new in the digital world in October?

Google Data Studio is now Looker Studio, Elon Musk finally bought Twitter, Google Analytics 4 is getting a new homepage experience and 5 new features, and much more!

Let’s get you up to speed.



October was a month full of learning for our digital performance analysts and client strategy directors. Together they attended no less than 4 different conferences. Discover their key takeaways in the articles below.


Adworld Experience 2022, the largest PPC-Cases-Only Event in Europe

– Geoffrey Haesaert & Christie Janvier

“Last week we had the chance to attend the ADworld Experience taking place in Bologna. The conferences took place over two days and 3 areas were discussed throughout: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Other networks & CRO. In this article, we will focus on our 2 favorite topics regarding paid advertising.”


Brighton SEO – October 2022

– Sarah Derba & Benjamin Hec

“What a chance to have been able to participate in Brighton SEO. In addition to the great atmosphere, we were able to talk to different speakers, but also learn more about Content management & prioritization, Technical & Content Audits, Link Building, and much more.”


AdWorld Conference October 2022

– Enrico Cadei

“Last week I had the pleasure of taking part in Ad World, the world’s largest online advertising event. Although the conference included countless prominent digital figures and innovative presentations, the one that I found most interesting was the one given by Jon Weberg, which is why in the following article I am going to focus specifically on his presentation and outline the main points.”


Data, Analytics & privacy

Google is simplifying privacy-safe ads personalization

– Google Ad Manager

“In November, we’ll expand the functionality of publisher first-party cookies from Google Ad Manager and AdSense beyond frequency management, fraud prevention, and creative rotation to support ads personalization. This update will help publishers of all sizes easily serve personalized ads and potentially increase the value of their inventory in browsers where third-party cookies aren’t available — all while protecting people’s privacy.”


GA4 gets new homepage experience and 5 new features

– Google Marketing Platform

“Today we’re introducing new resources to help you make the switch to Google Analytics 4, improved machine learning features, actionable reporting, and new integrations.

To allow enterprise customers more time to have a smoother transition to Google Analytics 4, we’re also moving the Universal Analytics 360 properties’ sunset date from October 1, 2023 to July 1, 2024.”


Google Analytics Discontinues Store Visits Reporting

– Search Engine Journal

“Google advises publishers it will no longer report on store visits data in Google Analytics. Data will stop generating at the end of October, though historical data will remain available.”



Google-related updates

Google is introducing the next evolution of Looker, a unified business intelligence platform

– Google Cloud

“We are unifying our business intelligence product family under the Looker umbrella. Looker is the name you’ll hear us use when talking about our Google Cloud business intelligence products, as we bring together Looker, Data Studio, and core Google technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). And starting today, Data Studio is now Looker Studio.”


Google introduces two new solutions powered by Ads Data Hub

– Google Marketing Platform

“To offer a more tailored experience, we are introducing an evolution to the Ads Data Hub core platform by introducing two dedicated solutions: Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners.”


The YouTube Effect: New ways to reach engaged audiences

– Google Ads & Commerce Blog

“To help you reach engaged viewers, we’re launching a new offering called Moment Blast. Designed for brands looking to raise awareness during key moments — like major sporting events, movie releases or product launches. We’re also expanding product feeds to Discovery ads to help you scale your social media creative and reach even more engaged viewers. Finally, audio ads are now globally available to buy in Google Ads and Display & Video 360, as is podcast targeting.”


Google Ads to discontinue content targeting for YouTube conversion campaigns in 2023

– Search Engine Land

“A handful of powerful targeting features will be removed in early 2023 according to a Google Ads help article. The help article, “Optimize your Video campaign for more conversions” contains a content targeting section that recommends avoiding the addition of content targeting (by keywords, topics or placements) in campaigns. Furthermore, the article mentions that in early 2023 all existing content targeting settings will be automatically removed “from video campaigns that drive conversions.”


2 new Google Display & Video 360 audience solutions

– Search Engine Land

“Google announced two new updates regarding first-party data and machine learning with Display and Video 360. The two new updates are optimized targeting and Exchange Provided Identifier, also known as EPID.”


Google Ads Update: Target Users Who Click On In-App Ads

– Search Engine Journal

“Google Ads is rolling out an update for app marketers designed to increase revenue earned from in-app advertisements. Now, Google Ads’ app campaigns allow you to target people with an affinity for clicking on ads within apps. The new targeting option is target return on ad spend for ad revenue or tROAS for ad revenue for short.”


New Performance Max features to help you this holiday season

– Google Ads Help

“We’re excited to share additional new features to help Performance Max meet your business goals in three key areas:

  • Plan your campaigns more efficiently
  • Customize your asset strategy
  • Evaluate your results”


3 new Google reporting columns for conversions

– Search Engine Land

“Google just announced three new conversion reporting columns to save advertisers the hassle of applying custom segments to see each individual conversion action and the categories they fall under. The three new conversions columns are:

  • Results
  • Results value
  • Conversion goals”


Google can now automatically create your ad assets

– Search Engine Land

“A new setting in beta allows Google the ability to automatically create additional ad assets (header and description). The feature uses the creative content from the following sources:

  • Landing page
  • Relevant web pages
  • Existing text ads in the same ad group
  • Keywords in the same ad group”


Google Ad recommendations can now be applied as experiments

– Search Engine Land

“Curious about a Google ad recommendation but skeptical about its impact on your campaigns? Now, you can apply a recommendation as an experiment by using the Experiments page.”


Google Introduces New Search Labels For Coupons & Promos

– Search Engine Journal

“Google is updating shopping search results with new labels highlighting coupons and promotions and the ability to compare prices from multiple retailers.”




Google rolling out site names and updated favicon logos in search results

– Search Engine Land

“Google is now rolling out what it calls “site names” in the mobile search results. Site names more prominently show the name of the website, as opposed to just the URL, at the top of the snippet. With the site name, Google also announced the size and shape of the favicon will be displayed next to the site name and URL of the search result snippet.”


Multisearch Not Being Tracked In Google Search Console

– Search Engine Roundtable

“Google Search Console is not currently tracking clicks or impressions for traffic sent through the new Google multisearch feature.”


Zero-Clicks Study in Google Search Results

– Search Engine Roundtable

“The phenomenon of zero clicks in Search is leaving many marketers wondering how their target customers are acting, and grappling with how best to appeal to them online. The topic has had plenty of coverage and attention, but often without a great deal of context, so that’s why we’ve carried out a new zero-clicks study with a more refined sample size from our own data sources. “


Social Media news

Announcing new Instagram ads surfaces and tools to help businesses reach more customers

– Instagram

“Over the last month, we began introducing ads to new surfaces and creative tools to give brands an easier way to create, tell their story, and grow their business:

  • Music optimization for Reels Ads
  • Ads in Explore home and profile feed
  • AI-powered multi-advertiser ads
  • AR Ads”


TikTok World 2022: Smart Performance Campaign

– TikTok

“Smart Performance Campaign is our first end-to-end automation solution that leverages machine learning to optimize for best performance and marketing goals. In order to reach the right people and maximize results, Smart Performance Campaign is designed to run performance campaigns at scale, while reducing the number of manual steps to drive results.”


TikTok World 2022: Introducing Focused View

– TikTok

“Focused View is the new evolution of our current video view objective on TikTok. The Focused View optimization will deliver ads to users who are most likely to actively engage with an ad — by viewing it for at least 6 seconds OR by interacting with the video within the first 6 seconds (whichever comes first).”


More news

Google’s Import solution for Performance Max is now generally available in Microsoft Advertising

– Microsoft Advertising Blog

“Microsoft Advertising has built a solution within Google Import to simplify duplicating your efforts across platforms when using Google Ads’ Performance Max campaigns. This is now generally available and allows you to import your Performance Max campaigns as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads into Microsoft.”


Apple Offers New Ad Placements In App Store

– Search Engine Journal

“Apple officially announced two new advertising placements: the Today tab and the product page ad placements. Starting immediately, advertisers can showcase their app on the front page of the Apple app store. Advertisers can now also showcase their apps on individual product pages within the Apple app store.”


TikTok has become a global giant. The US is threatening to rein it in.

– The Guardian

“Since Buzzfeed reported in June that employees of TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance had access to US consumer data, TikTok has been the focus of rare bipartisan calls for regulation and inquiry. Those inquiries became more pressing when in July, the FBI director, Christopher Wray, called Chinese espionage the “greatest long-term threat to our nation’s … economic vitality”.”


Elon Musk acquires Twitter and fires top executives

– The Washington Post

“Elon Musk became Twitter’s owner on 24/10 as his $44 billion deal to take over the company officially closed, marking a new era for one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. As one of his first moves, he fired several longtime top Twitter executives.”


Musk team working to reboot Vine this year

– Axios

“Elon Musk has instructed Twitter engineers to work on a Vine reboot that could be ready by year end, multiple sources tell Axios.”




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