Programmatic 2022 training for digital marketers

Learn the inner workings of programmatic advertising

About the training

Goals of this course:

Through this training you will discover the ins and outs of this massive digital industry that is programmatic advertising. We will show you how it works, help you avoid ad fraud, teach you how to best measure and track results, and do personalized hands-on exercises that will make you ready to set up your first campaign!

This training course is ideal for:

Marketers and Channel Specialists with an understanding of display advertising who want to expand their channel mix with programmatic.

Prerequisite knowledge

A general knowledge of digital marketing principles and digital advertising will be handy.

Which topics will be treated?

  • History of programmatic: how did we get to where we are today?
  • How it works: trading desks, DSP, SSP, we’ll cover it all!
  • What inventory can be bought: complete overview of the possibilities…and dangers.
  • Targeting & audience: how do you reach the right people with such a complex ecosystem?
  • Avoiding ad fraud : This is your no 1 optimization to reduce costs. Do you know how?
  • Selecting and measuring the right KPIs: measure what matters, and what makes sense to measure.
  • The future of programmatic (TV, Radio,…): what can we expect in the next years?
  • Hands-On : Setup of a campaign, targeting, audience in the DV360 DSP.

The course is taught in small groups (+/- 6 people), from 9:30 to 13:00. The training is FULL of concrete examples and case studies.


Trainings will be held at our offices close to Merode in Brussels.

How much does it cost?

350 euro per person (VAT excl.)

This price includes 2 hours of coaching after the training.

When is the training?

27 October 2022

How do I register?

Please send an email to or fill out the form below, and simply mention the date & training that you’d like to attend, your language preference for the training (EN or FR), as well as your full name and that of the other people you’d like to invite. If you require a tailor-made training package, don’t hesitate to mention it so we can discuss your needs. See you soon!

Enroll now!

Very didactic teacher, great sense of pedagogy, who knows how to popularize the most technical aspects to a non-technical audience, while being specific on the subject. The training is supported by concrete examples, focusing directly on the company and its practices, which is very relevant. We come out of this training with concrete ideas to implement directly in our day to day management.

Bruxelles Environnement

Alexandre Massart

On top of his broad knowledge, Alex is a natural story teller and is loved by alumni from CLICKTRUST ACADEMY for his great training skills. Expect to learn – and laugh a lot!

Of course, Alex also has over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He worked in different companies (from small to big) and in different industries. He has seen the evolution of digital marketing, the growth of Facebook, Programmatic, Mobile,… and how they all transformed the digital marketing world.

Want to meet Alex before enrolling? Just send a mail, we’ll set up a call.


27 October 2022


350€ per person (VAT excl.)


Cours Saint-Michel 30a, 1040 Etterbeek