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Webinar: Linkbuilding – December 2022

Webinar: Linkbuilding in 2023 and beyond

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    Friday 09/12

    12:00 – 12:30 p.m.

    What you’ll learn

    We all understand that buying 1000 cheap links on Fiverr will not do any good to your website’s SEO. However, there are still some link-building techniques that work today. During this free webinar, we will share how we approach linkbuilding at CLICKTRUST:
    • Is linkbuilding still relevant?
    • Linkbuilding techniques that work (incl. cases)
    • Tips & tricks: New innovative linkbuilding techniques


    This webinar will be led by Alexandre Massart, our head of training. Alexandre has 10+ years experience in digital marketing and has worked at different companies in different industries. Expect to learn – and laugh a lot during this webinar!

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