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Learn how to build a future-proof SEO strategy

Wondering why your website is not ranking well in Google? Develop a solid approach for optimizing website content and rank better in search engines.


Rank in top positions in Google

CLICKTRUST has been specializing in SEO since 2013. Over the years, we’ve helped major brands like Audi, DKV, BNP Paribas, Zuny, Brother, … achieve better positions in Google. Thanks to our thoughtful SEO strategies, we even helped them rank for several very competitive, high-volume keywords. During this SEO training, we will teach your our exact methods to achieve amazing results like this for your brand.

By the end of the training, you will understand the core principles of SEO and you will know exactly what to do to make sure the pages on your website are crawled, indexed ánd ranked by Google.

Improve the organic search traffic to your website

High positions in Google are nice, but in the end you will also want to see an increase in search traffic. During the training, we will teach you how to do keyword research and how you can use this to increase the traffic to your existing pages ánd encover new content opportunities. Combining this with a basic knowledge of website architecture, technical SEO, international SEO, pagespeed & core web vitals, linkbuilding, … will enable you to make a real difference for your website.

After this course, you will master

The history of SEO
How do search engines work? How did core algorithm updates shape the search engine landscape? What outdated techniques should we avoid using today and which methods still work?
SEO Strategy
How do I come up with an SEO strategy? How do I make it future-proof? What metrics should I focus on?
Keyword research & search intent
How do I find the right keywords to focus on? How do I classify them based on search intent? How can I do competitive analysis to get more keyword & topic ideas for my website?
On-page SEO & Copywriting
What are title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, … and how do I optimize them? How can I write with SEO in my mind? How can I improve my existing content?
Website architecture
How do I structure the content on my website? How do I make it easier for Google to crawl my website? Why is internal linking between pages so important?
International SEO
How do I adapt my website for regional audiences? How do I prevent my French website from ranking above the Belgian website for Belgian users?
Technical SEO
Robots.txt, sitemap, canonicals, redirects, … These terms probably sound like Chinese right now, but will become more clear during the course.
Pagespeed & core web vitals
How can I improve the loading speed of my pages and why is it important for SEO? What are core web vitals and how can I optimize them?
Mobile SEO
Why is creating a mobile-first website more than just having a responsive website? Why is this important for SEO? & rich results
How can I show reviews, ratings, prices, status, sitelinks and more below my search results?
Do backlinks from other websites still have an impact? Which techniques can I use to receive backlinks to my website?

Boost your SEO skills with CLICKTRUST Academy

Coaching included

Two hours of coaching by real experts is included in each training.


Not just theory

Our trainings are full of case studies and exercises.


Interactive sessions

Our trainings are taught in small groups so that we can have very inteactive sessions.


Trainings by real experts

Our trainers are people with 10+ years of experience in their domain.


Frequently asked questions

When are the next training sessions planned?

The next sessions are planned on:

  • 31/01/2023
  • 23/02/2023
  • 30/03/2023
  • 20/04/2023
  • 27/06/2023


You have the choice between a live morning session from 9:30 to 13:00 or an online afternoon session from 14:00 to 17:30.

How much does this training cost?

This SEO training costs 440 euro per person (VAT excl.). This price includes:

  • The training
  • Time to ask questions
  • Training certificate
  • Access to the slides used during the training
  • Snacks & beverages
  • 2 hours of coaching after the training

Who will be my trainer?

This training is given by Alexandre Massart.

On top of his broad knowledge, Alexandre is a natural story teller and is loved by alumni from CLICKTRUST ACADEMY for his great training skills. Expect to learn – and laugh a lot during this Programmatic Advertising training! Of course, Alex also has over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He worked in different companies (from small to big) and in different industries. He has seen the evolution of digital marketing, the growth of Facebook, Programmatic, Mobile,… and how they all transformed the digital marketing world.

Want to meet Alexandre before enrolling? Contact us at and we’ll set up a short meeting.

What language is the course in?

This training is given in English. However, our instructor is trilingual, so feel free to ask your questions in the language you feel most comfortable with.

Where are the trainings taking place?

The live trainings are held at our offices close to Merode in Brussels.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, after completing the SEO training, you will receive a certificate awarded by CLICKTRUST Academy. You will be able to share this certification with your connections on LinkedIn.

Can this training be booked as a private training?

Yes, you can book a private SEO training for your team.

Interested? Please contact us at or choose the ‘private training’ option when enrolling.

Thanks to Alexandre for this very concrete training. It allowed me to put into practice what I had learned the next day ! The theory was illustrated with lots of concrete examples, which facilitated my understanding and quick use of it. I also had the opportunity to put the theory into practice while being mentored and advised. Perfectly suited to my needs, this training allowed me to refresh myself technically, to discover the most relevant strategies for my business and to learn some useful tips & tricks for daily use. Validated and recommended!

Bayard Milan

Very didactic teacher, great sense of pedagogy, who knows how to popularize the most technical aspects to a non-technical audience, while being specific on the subject. The training is supported by concrete examples, focusing directly on the company and its practices, which is very relevant. We come out of this training with concrete ideas to implement directly in our day to day management.

Bruxelles Environnement

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