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The first quarter of 2019 was amazing.  Lots of things happened!  Here is a quick overview:

Move into our new office

We spent the major portion of last year’s profit on a new workplace on Avenue Tervuren 36. We renovated from scratch, with designs done by the team. We’re very happy to be here!

CLICKTRUST & Mountainview celebration event

February was also the month in which we celebrated the minority stake Mountainview has bought in CLICKTRUST. We celebrated in style, with a conference we organized for our clients, inviting several high profile speakers. The event was a blast!

Teambuilding in Malaga

To finish off the hectic month of February, we went for a two-day teambuilding in sunny Malaga. With both relaxing activities and team-building work, the trip was a success. Profit-sharing among employees was announced. Yearly getaways are now a thing.

Winning a MASSIVE pitch

To finish off these amazing first three months of the year, we ended up winning a huge pitch in March. Details will follow later, once we have successfully onboarded the client and all their massive brands…

The road ahead

We will now work on further improving employee onboarding and internal operational efficiency. Client acquisition will be done very selectively. Our focus goes to quality, not quantity.

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    Fabian Van De Wiele

    Managing Director & Founder