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Digital Strategy Manager

You want to help our clients grow

Job description

Let’s face it. People who are able to recognize the levers to scale digital campaigns based on data AND who can explain this in a way other people want to move forward are a rare breed.

Agencies struggle finding the right people for this role. They either end up with a glorified project manager who just doesn’t “see” it, or a salesy “strategist” who can’t remember how Google Analytics works and likes to blow smoke.

The person we are looking for has real experience with the struggles of scaling digital sales and leads. They know how to look into the data and find insights. They also know that this is only half the battle…because to get things moving you need to be able to convince everyone else. They know digital marketing transformation isn’t sexy with shiny awards. Its grinding, pulling and pushing, repeating the same point time and time again while figuring out solutions to get things done anyway, because results must be attained.   If that is something you understand and enjoy, read on.

Why would you work for CLICKTRUST?

You know what you want, and perhaps more importantly, you know what you don’t want. You’re done with the slowness of change and lack of learning opportunities at the advertisers’ side. You’re also done with all those agencies that have some overpaid “strategist” blowing smoke while juniors who rotate every two years are trying to deliver the blockbuster story said “strategist” promised.

CLICKTRUST is different. Our operational staff (analysts) are all mediors and seniors. We have real expertise and constantly try to expand this. We don’t allow sales people or overpaid “strategists” through the door. What you’ll find here are people that want to grow clients businesses, and that want to learn and go home with a feeling of accomplishment.

We also have a totally transparant management culture. Financials, salaries, profit, loss – everything is shared with everyone. We’re building this company together. We share profit.

We work for companies that have internal digital teams, and that are hungry to grow in digital maturity. They trust us thanks to our client-first mentality, expertise & human approach. Our clients count Unicef, Coronadirect, BNP Paribas Fortis, Hello Bank, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Ladbrokes, Brother, Colruyt, Icewatch, Air Belgium, Vanden Borre and pure online players like and

So what does a “Digital Strategy Manager” do?

Working in the position of client strategy director will put you in a key strategic role for numerous clients. You will work along the management of our clients, helping them map out the strategy both long term and short term, while working with the clients staff and the CLICKTRUST digital performance analysts to get the strategy implemented. Your goal is to understand the clients business goals, and to help them realize these through the services that CLICKTRUST offers. As such, you are a trusted advisor to them. You will spend a lot of time meeting clients and listening to them, debating solutions with them, and evangelizing our approach to them.  The second part of your job will consist of getting these solutions implemented by steering the CLICKTRUST team members that are working with you on these clients. You will have several clients assigned to you in terms of ownership, depending on size and complexity.  To achieve your goals, you will be assigned a team of around 4/5 analysts with a teamleader. The teamleader leads the team operationally and coaches analysts, so that you can focus on what you do best.

To summarize:

  • Understanding clients business needs and crafting long and short term strategies
  • Communicating and liaising with your team of analysts and their teamleader to get solutions implemented and campaigns running
  • Analyzing overall performance and communicating this to clients (i.e. you know how to analyze yourself rather than ask someone else to do it)
  • Following up closely with the head of client strategy to discuss quality     and the status of each              project
  • Performing quality control checks and checking if performance is heading the right way
  • Preparing pitches on new projects together with the managing director
  • Assisting with performance evaluation of the analysts together with the teamleader
  • Assisting in researching & writing white-papers & blogs
  • Participating in trainings & conferences
  • Give trainings & presentations …The list goes on. We’re a small team, and we move fast. What       you put into it is what you get out of it!

Your profile and background

  • You have a a very solid experience (4 years minimum) in either SEO, SEA, Facebook advertising, conversion rate optimization or programmatic display.
  • You are a marketeer at heart. You understand marketing isn’t about CTR, CPL or impression share.
  • Bilingual ENG/NL, FR/NL or EN/FR
  • You have had a position at client side in the past – or you’ve tried to scale your own projects.
  • High tolerance for stress and ability to deal with strict deadlines.
  • Analytical mindset with attention for detail.
  • You go for solutions. Whatever works

What you’ll receive

  • A place in a digital marketing agency in full expansion with ambitious plans for the future, which you will help build.
  • Full transparency in our plans and financials.
  • A competitive salary & benefits, including a company car and fuel card
  • International conferences & training. We need to go beyond Belgium to learn new stuff.
  • Post corona: Office within a 2 min walk of the subway, a parc, a large supermarket, a bpost point, a drycleaner, a gym, a hairdresser and plenty more.
  • Teleworking whenever – we have employees that lived abroad even before corona.
  • Fun teambuildings, afterworks and possibility to contribute to local volunteering work

About us

CLICKTRUST is a highly specialized digital marketing agency. We will always remain this way, partnering with agencies that think like us. We don’t believe that one agency can do everything well, due to the speed of the evolution of the digital landscape. We believe in mastering the technical details of specific channels like pay-per-click & SEO, while connecting data and using technology to our advantage. Our high degree of specialization allows us to dig deeper. We don’t believe in traditional management styles & we are truly transparant. We are driven by 3 pillars:

  • The need to be productive and learn
  • The need to give back (we donate 10% of our profit to a good cause)
  • The need to make a living (we believe in competitive salaries that allow us to be comfortable)
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