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Is this the end of third-party cookies?

The “cookie apocalypse” started with GDPR and has since become more and more severe with every new version of ITP being rolled out. As a result of these relatively new developments, a big chunk of tracked data is no longer accurate, especially when talking about longer online customer journeys.

Don’t know what you can do to future-proof your measurement strategy? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with a collection of whitepapers and a video to learn all about cookies.

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Our whitepapers on the end of cookies

Recently, changes to browsers and the GDPR legislation have severely impacted the power of cookie-based audiences? How? Why should you care? What are the alternatives? Download the whitepaper below to find out.
Was tracking before GDPR actually accurate? We contacted Ipsos for a survey to gauge the user’s treatment of cookies and their browser settings. Find out what are conclusions were.

Prepare your organization for predictive measurement

Our managing director, Fabian Van De Wiele, gave a presentation on ‘Prepping your organization for predictive measurement’ at the latest edition of Digital First.

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