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I am Miguel Santos. I come from Portugal, and since 2013 I have lived in Aalst, Belgium. I acquired the International Communication and Media (ICM) bachelor’s diploma in July 2022 at Thomas More – Mechelen. During the program, I discovered many new interests, one of them being digital marketing. The last phase of the program was an internship, so I knew I would have to find an internship in the field.

My journey to find the ideal company was short. I created a list of marketing agencies that I knew. I Googled them and listed a few pros and cons for each of them. However, none of them stood out or matched my ideals, but that was about to change.

Thanks to CLICKTRUST’s amazing targeting, a Facebook ad about the agency appeared in my feed. I clicked the ad and read about the agency on the website. The more I read about the values, mission, and expertise, the more convinced I was that I wanted to do my internship there because I believed I was a fantastic candidate for the “digital performance analyst intern” position. Therefore, I decided to apply in October 2021.

I emailed my motivation letter and CV to Ellen Wauters, CLICKTRUST’s operations manager. A couple of days later, I received a reply. After two successful interviews, I got informed that I would be able to start working in February 2022.


ICM provided me with many insights on SEA and SEO. Nonetheless, the CLICKTRUST Bootcamp given by Alexandre Massart and the assistance of a few other colleagues explored the topics even more deeply. The training was about the following matters:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Google Search Ads
  • SEO and link building
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Dashboarding and KPIs

The onboarding went smoothly. But, it was also intense due to the tremendous amount of knowledge that Alex was sharing with me every day. By the end of the 2 weeks Bootcamp, I felt ready to work!

Hands-on work

My main function was always to help my colleagues with whatever task they needed. This work methodology granted me the opportunity to work for several clients and on numerous tasks. Above all, the method allowed me to be part of the teams and feel integrated from the start.

If you are curious about my relevant tasks and clients, you can find them below:

  • Link building
  • Campaign set-ups
  • Copy creation for Responsive Search Ads, Discovery ads, Facebook Ads, Meta Data
  • Keyword mapping
  • Translation to Spanish, Dutch and French
  • SEO technical (visibility analysis) and content audits
  • Dashboarding

Oh, I also got the chance to present about one of my passions, public speaking, and share a few tricks on “how to improve any presentation”.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to complete any task without the guidance of my colleagues and mentors. I’d like to give a special thanks to Benjamin Nyonkuru, Dounia Albichari, Deborah Bergiers, Valentine Blondiau, Jochen Fostie, and primarily Mathilde Duquenne for their patience, kindness, and attentiveness towards me.

I will always remember the high level of companionship at CLICKTRUST. Everyone in the agency is there to help each other, no matter if you are an intern or the CEO.

My thoughts

In my motivation letter, I mentioned that I wanted a challenge and to learn as much as I could about digital marketing while working with experienced professionals. That was what I got!

The opportunity to work at CLICKTRUST not only allowed me to acquire new valuable skills and improve old ones about SEO/SEA but also how to work well with several platforms Google/Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and more.

I recommend any hard-working, ambitious and curious student to apply for an internship at the agency because you will work for multiple clients and be surrounded by colleagues who want to see you grow. Moreover, you will perform new tasks daily, which allows you to learn immensely in different areas of digital marketing.

Thank you to CLICKTRUST and Fabian Van de Wiele for letting me be a digital performance analyst intern for 6 months!

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