Small groups. Hands-on exercises. No theoretical nonsense.
Gems of knowledge based on more than 14 years of experience!

Boost Your knowledge.

CLICKTRUST Academy is used by our own team to train and onboard new staff.
We offer you the opportunity to follow hands-on expert trainings. They will be held in small groups (+/- 6 participants) so that we can have extremely interactive sessions.

All trainings will take place online until further notice.

  • Small groups
  • Lots of case studies
  • Exercises, not just theory
  • Trainers with 10 years of experience & expertise.

Our trainers.

Alexandre Massart

Head of training & personal development

Bert Onckelinx

Head of Client Strategy Directors

Fabian Van De Wiele

Managing Director

Dimitri Texeira

Client Strategy Director

Deborah Bergiers

Client Strategy Director

Yannick Timmermans

Client Strategy Director

Our training dates

Google Search Ads

Google Ads will be changing more in 2021 than it has in the last 5 years. Are you ready?

16 June 2021


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Google Analytics & Google Analytics 4

Sick of asking your agency or your data guy for a report? Feeling lost inside Google Analytics? We'll walk you through all the useful reports with case studies.

24 June 2021


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Dashboarding 2021

Visualizing your data is one of the most impactful ways to communicate complex data, and it will help you better understand and monitor it.

30 June 2021


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SEO 2021

Wondering why your website isn’t ranking well in the SERP? Are you sure your website’s content is SEO-friendly? Follow this training to develop a solid approach for optimizing website content and a better search engine ranking.

13 July 2021


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Cookies and the state of audience

Are cookies dead? What are the alternatives? Follow this course to find out!

23 July 2021


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