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Want to adopt a new analytics tool in 2023?

Despite being the undisputed heir for a long time, Google Analytics 4 recently has been struggling to convince its subjects. We have been using several promising alternatives for a while now and are ready to help you identify and implement the ideal analytics solution for your company.

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Discover which analytics solution is best for your organisation

Piwik Pro, Matomo, Adobe Analytics, Heap, Plausible, … Each of these analytics solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. We go over the most promising alternatives in a dedicated blog post, written by one of our senior analysts. By the end of the article, you will have a better idea of which solution(s) could be a good option for your company.
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Our web analytics trainings

Piwik Pro

A GDPR-compliant platform with an interface similar to Google Analytics.


Perfect if you want a self-hosted and fully GDPR-compliant solution.

Adobe Analytics

Great web analytics tool with lots of customization capabilities and regular updates.

Google Analytics 4

For those who want to stick with Google Analytics, but want to learn more about the ins and outs of GA4.

Ready to switch gears?

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