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Data & Privacy

RTB RIP? The Writing Could Be On The Wall For Real-Time Bidding In Europe

– Adexchanger

“There is a latent question in the air,” said Townsend Feehan, CEO of IAB Europe. “Is it possible to do programmatic in a way that complies with the GDPR?”

Performance Marketing And Measurement: A New Beginning Amid Ever-Evolving Privacy Restrictions

– Adexchanger

It’s high time that marketing analytics teams perform a thorough audit of their measurement stacks, rules and approaches. For example, it’s worthwhile to understand how much of the business is driven by Apple’s Safari and how the attribution by channel is impacted since the new tracking restrictions went live this year.

The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

– Econsultancy

1) Influencer fraud predicted to cost brands $1.3 billion in 2019
2) Correlation found between GDPR and online visits and revenue
3) Ecommerce ad spend rises and CPCs fall
4) Mobile ad fraud costs marketers $2.3 billion in H1 2019

Is Conversion Lift the Future of Attribution?

– Searchenginejournal

If we will be able to conduct a controlled experiment for any campaign, keyword, or audience, there will be less guesswork in estimating the actual incremental value of advertising.

Apple Clarifies Its Anti-Tracking Policy For Safari – And Possible Exceptions

– Adexchanger

“You can maybe look at what Apple is doing on Safari as a precursor to what could happen in mobile,” Eliashiv said. “Are mobile and web on the same path in terms of privacy?”

The Grim Future Of An Open Web Devoid Of User Tracking


While the regulations and browser changes that are coming into place are primarily being directed at user privacy, they will have the perverse effect of pushing even more personal data and revenue toward some companies that are arguably the greatest violators of user privacy. Certainly they’ll be slapped with fines and will clean up their acts, but they will end up even more dominant in the industry than before.

Is It Time To Reward Users For Sharing Their Identity?

– Adexchanger

A new idea: a reward program that grants “brite points” to people who agree to have their identities tracked across a federation of websites. These points can be exchanged for free gas or other benefits.

How to measure marketing in a world without cookie-tracking

– Econsultancy

There are a number of testing strategies you need to be familiar with in this new age of measurement. Here are the main ones, arranged from the broadest scope to the narrowest.

Ignoring The Clash Between RTB And Privacy Regulations Doesn’t Remove The Threat

– Adexchanger

There are two outcomes, in my opinion. The first (and only one, if you asked me) is for quality media owners to break away from the programmatic marketplace and create their own walled garden, RTB-free.
The second outcome is crueler but sadly the most likely, the longer media brands’ tinker: Only those that can afford to switch RTB off and diversify – by offering capabilities like sophisticated contextual targeting and non-RTB behavioral targeting – will survive.

Google Ads & Google Analytics

How to Handle Google Ads Average Position Sunsetting

– Clix Marketing

If you are still using average position to evaluate performance, it’s time to start getting familiar with the metrics that can be used to improve ad placement: Search top impression rate and Search absolute top impression rate.

Step by Step: Setting up an App + Web Property

– Krista Seiden

In this Step by Step guide, I’ll take you through the three steps you’ll need to go through to set up a new App + Web Property in Google Analytics.

Google extends same-meaning close variants to phrase match, broad match modifiers

– Searchengineland

As expected, Google is further loosening the reins on close variants, this time extending same-meaning close variants to phrase match and broad match modifier. With the changes, Google is also changing its keyword selection preferences to prevent keywords from competing against each other.
This change will rollout in English in the coming weeks, with more languages to follow through 2020.

A new way to unify app and website measurement in Google Analytics

– Google

Currently, many businesses measure app engagement with Google Analytics for Firebase and website engagement with Google Analytics. While each of these products separately offer powerful insights, getting a more unified picture of engagement across your app and website can be a manual and painstaking process.
To make this simpler, we’re announcing a new way to measure apps and websites together for the first time in Google Analytics.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook Adds Instagram Scheduling to Creator Studio

– Social Media Today

Yes, that’s right – native Instagram scheduling, via an official app.

Changes to text and aspect ratios on Mobile News Feed

– Facebook

Updates for mobile News Feed: Fewer lines of primary text will show on mobile News Feed. Now only 3 lines of primary text will show on Facebook mobile News Feed, after which people will be prompted to click to view additional text.
Maximum media height for photos and videos will reduce to 4:5 on mobile News Feed. The tallest supported aspect ratio for images without links and for videos is now vertical (4:5). Media taller than 4:5 will be masked on Facebook mobile News Feed.

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