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So what’s new in the digital world in August? A potential new approach for Google’s FLoC, Google Ads’ new conversion value rules, Performance Max campaigns review, Geo-Testing deserving a comeback, … and much more! Let’s get you up to speed.  

Google-related news

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

– Search Engine Roundtable “As I mentioned yesterday in my story on the slow rollout for the Google link spam update – there seems to be a Google update going on. It started – maybe Tuesday but spiked in a big way on Wednesday, August 18th. It is not clear if this is related to that link spam update or something else. ―Barry Schwartz”

Google considers switching FLoC to a topic-based approach

– Digiday “Now that Google has postponed its plan to disable third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, the digital ad giant may be considering a transition away from the cohort-based ad targeting approach to a cookieless system oriented around topics”

Google Ads attribution models now support YouTube and Display

– Search Engine Land “As of this week, we’ve upgraded all Google Ads non-last click models, including data-driven attribution, to support YouTube and Display ads. In addition to clicks, the data-driven attribution model also measures engaged views from YouTube,” wrote Charles Huyi, product manager for Google Ads in an announcement on Monday.

Google Ad’s New Conversion Value Rules: What They Are & How to Use Them

– Search Engine Land “Google created more control for advertisers with new conversion value rules. Here’s what they are, why they’re useful, & how to implement!”

Google’s Performance Max Campaign Review & Guideline

– Dean Long “Recently, Google introduced the new Performance Max campaign, using its years-long machine learning effort to serve all Google Ads inventory in one campaign. While this campaign has been beta for quite a few advertisers, I couldn’t find any campaign reviews & guidelines towards performance max. In this article, I want to share my experience using the Performance Max campaign and address some FAQs to help advertisers prepare.”

Google Quietly Drops New Privacy Sandbox Guidance, Clamps Down On Workarounds For Cross-Site Identity And Tracking

– Ad Exchanger  “Google’s recently updated timeline for phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome wasn’t the end of the story. However, the biggest news from Google’s Friday announcement relates to the company’s updates regarding potential workarounds to FLoC. Google promised that it will share updates regarding the company’s work on reducing workarounds to cross-site tracking. Out of all the announced proposals, three API groups seem to be particularly important because they may have a potential impact on the individual-based targeting methods.”  


Geo-Testing Deserves A Comeback

– Ad Exchanger  “With less customer tracking and online data collection, advertisers are rethinking their ad targeting and attribution methods. The time has come to revisit a measurement approach that many marketers cast aside decades ago.”

YouTube creators can now get $10,000 per month for making Shorts

– The Verge “YouTube will pay creators up to $10,000 per month for making popular videos on its TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts. The company plans to pay $100 million throughout the next year, with the first payments going out this month.”

Criteo Sees Ad Revenue Rebound, And Reshapes Its Pitch As A DSP And SSP Hybrid

– Ad Exchanger  “There are a lot of things we wanted to do within our media owner network that we haven’t done in the past as our business was focused on retargeting.”

Email Ad Monetization Will Get Harder With iOS 15

– Ad Exchanger  “This new feature will apparently send all emails opened with the Apple Mail app (regardless of what email service is used, like Gmail or Outlook) to a proxy server that will pre-load all content, including any impression or tracking pixels, according to Litmus.”

Instagram’s Rolling Out its New Sponsored Product Listings to All Merchants

– Social Media Today  “After testing them out over the last few weeks, Instagram is now rolling out its new promoted products option within the Shop tab to all merchants in the app.”

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