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Paid search

Google Ads Search & Bing Search Ads Campaigns

Paid search is often an important part of companies’ digital marketing strategy and we see strong growth in the industry in the last few years. With so many competitors active in paid search, you can therefore no longer afford to do just anything. Your company needs a thoughtful approach. Of course, we still start with thorough keyword research. We also still know how to write ads that convince people to click through, how to use the right ad extensions and how to improve the quality score. But paid search today is so much more than that. For example, we think along about a campaign and account structure that is easy to scale and optimize. We can also help you determine the best attribution model and (smart) bidding algorithm for your campaigns.

Paid search campaign optimization

Once the desired account and campaign structure have been set up, we monitor and optimize your campaigns on a daily and weekly basis. This ranges from adding the necessary negative keywords to adjusting the bidding and budget allocation based on the results and business objectives. Meanwhile, our custom Google Ads scripts ensure that we can do our work even more efficiently and that we can spot any problems even faster. We use various A/B tests and experiments to test what works and what does not. These insights are then used to further improve the campaigns. Finally, we think it is important to keep a critical eye on the latest developments and not to lose sight of the interaction with SEO.

Google Ads Shopping campaigns

In addition to traditional Search Ads, Shopping Ads are perfect for showing off your products in search engines. If needed, our analysts can assist in setting up your Google Merchant Center account(s) and upload your first products to the platform. Once set up correctly, we can help you with setting up and managing your Shopping campaigns. Using tools like Channable, we can further optimize your shopping feeds to make sure your ads are eligible for all relevant search queries and show off your products to potential buyers in the most attractive way.

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Ready to switch gears?

We are that pure player agency that will work with you on your campaigns, while working also on your next step in digital maturity. Our hybdrid consulting/agency model is ideal to help you grow step by step. If you have already done some first campaigns and gathered data, we´ll see together with you how we can tie it all together and move to the next level.