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Scale your sales using paid search

How we do Google Ads & Bing Ads

Paid search is one of the fastest changing channels in paid media. Luckily, it has been at the core of our business for years.  We started as an SEA Agency, and we’re proud of it! We’ve learned, adapted, reinvented and perfected our approach time and time again, ensuring that our clients’ investments yield the best possible returns.

A set-up that leverages automation

The foundation of a successful paid search campaign lies in its setup. Without a decent setup – you’ll lose money.  Our setup process maximizes your chances of success.
  • Clear Setting of Goals.
  • Thorough Keyword and Audience Research.
  • Leveraging First Party Data.
  • Tried and Tested Structures Leveraging Automation.
  • Highly Optimized Ads and Landing Pages.
  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking.

Optimization using AI and years of experience

Once set up, a campaign requires constant monitoring and tweaking to ensure peak performance. Our optimisation strategies include:
  • Sanity Check of Automated Tools.
  • Fine-tuning of Bidding and Audience Targeting.
  • Adding of Negative Keywords.
  • Testing and Tweaking of Ad Copies and Landing Pages.

Reporting & learning

With our custom dashboards, we ensure that you’re always in the know:

  • Automated Reporting and Insights: we’ve developed reporting systems that are available 24/7. Our insights are based on years of experience.
  • Constant Test & Learn Approach: In paid search, stagnation is regression. We believe in a perpetual test and learn approach, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of paid search strategies.

our clients cases.

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Ready to switch gears?

We are that pure player agency that will work with you on your campaigns, while working also on your next step in digital maturity. Our hybdrid consulting/agency model is ideal to help you grow step by step. If you have already done some first campaigns and gathered data, we´ll see together with you how we can tie it all together and move to the next level.