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The challenge

The main challenge with Zuny was to spark interest in a saturated environment for a non-existing brand, for a tough audience: millennials. Creatives personalised as much as possible to stand out were a must. How could we execute without having audiences that were too small due to hyper-personalisation, or audiences and creatives that were too broad?

Our solution

Global digital strategy



Marketing Mix Modeling


Google Ads


Social Media




1. Teasing with a countdown

In the first phase, we drove people to a countdown page using Facebook and Youtube campaigns. The goal of these campaigns was to build audience pools and generate interest. The creatives were adapted to the location to spark interest. “Salut Bruxelles! Vous êtes géniaux”, for example. In this phase, the product itself wasn’t mentioned yet to drive curiosity.


2. Revealing the brand

Audiences from the teaser were recuperated and expanded upon, via Facebook, Google, DOOH, Spotify, Tinder, Twitch, Teads and TikTok. All creatives were adapted to the context to spark interest. The creative on Tinder, for example, was “Gigabites ici”…


3. Go to market

During the go-to-market phase, product-focused creatives with different USPs were used on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Tinder, YouTube, Twitch, Teads, 2ememain.be, Spotify and display.

Throughout, we capitalized on the data and drove performance, taking measurement complexities into account. All channels were optimized towards leading indicators (e.g. qualitative visits, step 1s of the funnel). This data was used to predict cross-channel sales rather than use faulty attribution due to the cookie expiring before the end of the customer journey. It allowed us to better quantify the impact of what is typically considered as upper and mid-funnel.

The results

More than 13M impressions
Masses of engagement on social networks
Achieved all sales targets

As this was a new brand and all depended on the successful launch of this campaign without offline sales points, we can happily say that the media and targeting were extremely effective. Zuny was successfully positioned for digital natives in the French-speaking part of Belgium. The campaigns generated more than 13M impressions, masses of engagement on social networks, and achieved the sales targets.

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