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Lessons from integrating PPC and SEO according to Will Critchlow | HeroConf

– Lore Dessent

Last week my colleague Dounia and I got the chance to attend the Hero Conf and SearchLove virtual summit, a two-day conference on PPC and SEO. This year, the conference kicked off with an interesting talk on the integration of those these two, given by Will Critchlow. In my opinion, he shared some valuable insights that are simple, but at the same time often overlooked.

How SEO and CRO work together according to Leslie To | HeroConf

– Dounia Albichari

In this article, we’ll go over some of the insights that were discussed by Leslie To, VP SEO at 3Q, at this year’s Hero Conf and SearchLove Virtual Summit. In her presentation titled ‘Turning SEO tactics into CRO’, Leslie discussed how we currently (generally) look at SEO and CRO and how this will evolve in the future, as well as how to combine both practices for clearer insights and better next steps.

Did cookies ever work in the first place?

– Jochen Fostie

As we all know, the first step of the “cookiepocalypse” started with GDPR and has since become more and more severe with every new version of ITP being rolled out. As a result of these relatively new developments, a big chunk of tracked data is no longer accurate, especially when talking about longer online customer journeys.

CLICKTRUST is expanding!

– Nathalie Azzi

We’re pleased to announce that our family is still growing, with 4 new members joining the CLICKTRUST family in Q1 of this year.



Google-related news

Google Page Experience Algorithm Update Launching in Mid-June

– Search Engine Journal

“Originally scheduled to launch in May, Google is pushing back the launch of its Page Experience algorithm update, which will see the Core Web Vitals become ranking signals, to mid-June. They said in a blog post that the Page Experience update will start rolling out in mid-June, but will not play its full role in search rankings until the end of August.”

Google’s John Mueller: ‘Now’s The Perfect Time’ For an SEO Side Hustle

– Search Engine Land

“With the impending launch of the Page Experience update, Google’s John Mueller says now is the right time to get into optimizing websites.”

Google Search Console adds Page Experience report and filters for Search Performance report

– Search Engine Land

“Google has postponed the rollout of the page experience update, one of the reasons for doing so is to give site owners more tools to improve their pages for this update. With that, Google launched some new features in Google Search Console to aid developers with making these improvements.”

With So Many Elements In The Google Privacy Sandbox, Why Are We Only Talking About FLoC?

– Ad Exchanger

“What do people remember about Einstein’s work? E=mc2. Thousands of pages of Descartes writings? Cogito, ergo sum. The Eagles’ thirty singles? Hotel California. What can the industry know about Google’s Privacy Sandbox? Probably FLoC all.”

Google Dispels Rumors About Bid Strategy Changes 

– Search Engine Journal

“Google confirmed that Target CPA and Target ROAS are being grouped under the Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion value bid strategies, respectively. The bid strategies will function in the same way but the way you set them up will be slightly different. “Google shared that the goal of this change was to provide more clarity for advertisers. The company received feedback that advertisers weren’t always clear which bidding strategy that they should use and the hope is that this change will simplify that decision.”

Google Ads to roll out dynamic exclusion lists in coming weeks

– Marketing Land

“In an effort to make it easier for brands to show near unwanted content, Google is rolling out dynamic exclusion lists. Google listened as advertisers provided feedback on how difficult and time-consuming maintaining brand exclusions lists was becoming. So the solution is a dynamic option that makes sure these lists stay up to date.”






Facebook & Instagram Let Businesses Schedule Stories

– Search Engine Journal

“Facebook is rolling out several updates for businesses which include the ability to schedule stories across Facebook and Instagram.New features coming to Facebook Business Suite are detailed in a company announcement. In addition to scheduling stories, the tool will soon be capable of managing photo albums and saving draft posts.”

Pinterest Lets Content Owners Control How Their Images Are Used

– Search Engine Journal

“Pinterest is giving content owners greater control over their intellectual property with a tool that lets them claim copyright and decide how images are used.”





WordPress proposes blocking FLoC by default

– Search Engine Land

“A proposal that would block Google’s replacement for third-party cookies, Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), by default across WordPress sites was put forth on Sunday. It is estimated that over 40% of all sites use WordPress (according to W³Techs), meaning that if this proposal gets implemented, a substantial share of browsing behavior may be hidden from Google’s ad-targeting technology.”

Microsoft Bing updates search results interface to make it more visually immersive

– Search Engine Journal

“Microsoft announced several updates to Microsoft Bing Search that make the search experience more “visually immersive,” the company said. This update goes across many different search features including recipe results, image search’s similar looking items, expandable search result carousels, infographic knowledge panels and the local answers design.”

Apple will roll out the privacy-oriented iOS 14.5 update that has Facebook worried

– Business Insider

“During its Spring Loaded event, Apple quietly revealed that the iOS 14.5 update will start rolling the following week, along with updates to iPadOS, WatchOS and macOS. It’s the same update that has Facebook worried.”

How the Apple iOS 14 release may affect your ads and reporting

– Facebook

“Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will affect how we receive and process conversion events from tools such as the Facebook pixel. Businesses that advertise mobile apps, as well as those that optimise, target and report on web conversion events from any of our business tools will be affected.”

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