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So what’s new in the digital world in June?

Firefox started rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default, Yahoo & Amobie DSPs removed Google open bidding as a source of supply, TikTok introduced TikTok Attribution Manager and much more!

Let’s get you up to speed.


How to use your customer journey on your account setup?

– Deborah Bergiers

More than ever, we keep repeating how essential understanding the customer journey is in order to make strategic decisions. But have you ever wondered how to use it for the configuration of your conversions in your ad accounts? And what impact can this have on your results?


Data & privacy

Firefox rolls out Total Cookie Protection by default to all users worldwide

– Mozilla

“Starting today, Firefox is rolling out Total Cookie Protection by default to all Firefox users worldwide, making Firefox the most private and secure major browser available across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date, confining cookies to the site where they were created, thus preventing tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site.”


Google-related updates

Google Ad Manager Gets 8 Updates

– Search Engine Journal

“Google Ad Manager receives eight changes and tweaks in a recent update including integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4), optimized pricing, and more. In addition, Google shares information about four updates to Ad Manager that are coming soon.”

Yahoo and Amobee DSPs Remove Google Open Bidding as a Source of Supply


“The demand-side platforms of two ad-tech vendors, Yahoo and Amobee, have removed Google Open Bidding as a path of supply for their clients, sources tell Adweek, a decision that industry experts attribute to efforts toward supply-chain optimization and a growing movement to curb the influence of Google.”

EXCLUSIVE Google offers to let ad rivals place YouTube ads in EU antitrust probe – sources

– Reuters

“Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL.O) has offered to let rival ad intermediaries place ads on YouTube to address a crucial part of an EU antitrust investigation that could pave the way for it to settle the case without a fine, people familiar with the matter said.”



Googlebot will crawl and index the first 15MB of content per page

– Search Engine Land

“Google has updated its help document on Googlebot to specify that Googlebot will crawl up to the first 15MB of the page and then stop. So if you want to ensure that Google ranks your page appropriately, make sure Googlebot can crawl and index that part of the page within the first 15MB.”

Google May 2022 Core Update: Winners, Losers & Analysis

– Lily Ray

“For our analysis of the May 2022 core update, we collected the list of 1,000 winning and losing domains in terms of their Sistrix Visibility Index scores using the U.S. index. The visibility change was calculated between May 25, 2022 and June 9, 2022. We have also pulled in category labels from Similarweb for all analyzed domains to see whether the impacts of the core update affected any particular categories more than others.”

Social Media news

Fuel your TikTok campaign measurement with flexible attribution windows

– TikTok

“We’re happy to introduce TikTok Attribution Manager, which enables customizable attribution windows on TikTok Ads Manager. For web and app campaigns, TikTok Attribution Manager enables marketers to select a specific time period to measure success: the click-through attribution (CTA) window can range from one day to 28 days, while view-through attribution (VTA) window options range from off to up to seven days.”

Facebook said to be planning Basic Ads product

– MarTech

“Meta’s Facebook is said to be planning a Basic Ads product aimed at brands looking to raise customer awareness. Basic Ads are so-called because they would report only the simplest metrics such as engagement and video views. Facebook has declined to comment on the new product. There has not been a release date for a rollout, although there have been reports that testing is to start in the EU ahead of the U.S.”

Introducing new ways for advertisers and creators to inspire with Idea ads

– Pinterest Newsroom

“Idea ads are an immersive, multi-page format designed for advertisers to showcase ideas in action.. Shoppers can visit the brand’s website, get step-by-step breakdowns, view ingredients lists and materials, and so much more. Through video and image content, Idea ads offer advertisers a creative canvas to share all of the inspiration and information needed to turn inspiration into realization.”

TikTok Cracks Down on ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes and Undisclosed Ads, In Line With EU Rules


“TikTok has agreed to make changes to its branded-content policy after a consumer rights organization raised the alarm that the social media platform was failing to protect children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content.”

LinkedIn is launching Linkedin Business Manager

– LinkedIn Pulse

“Launching in the coming weeks, LinkedIn Business Manager is a centralized platform that will make it easier for those of you who work at large enterprises and agencies to manage the people, ad accounts, Pages, and businesses you work with. ”

Facebook is changing its algorithm to take on TikTok, leaked memo reveals

– The Verge

“In an internal memo from late April obtained by The Verge, the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, Tom Alison, spelled out the plan: rather than prioritize posts from accounts people follow, Facebook’s main feed will, like TikTok, start heavily recommending posts regardless of where they come from. And years after Messenger and Facebook split up as separate apps, the two will be brought back together, mimicking TikTok’s messaging functionality.”

Other news

Apple Search campaigns shifting to cost-per-tap (CPT) pricing model

– Search Engine Land

“Apple Search advertisers will soon notice a new campaign pricing type. CPT or cost-per-tap is Apple’s version of CPC, or cost per click. It is calculated by dividing your total spend by the number of taps your ad received. ”

Inflation’s Impact On Ad Spend Detailed In Merkle Report

– Search Engine Journal

“The leading technology and data-driven customer experience company, Merkle, released its quarterly Performance Media Report last week. Research from the past quarter shows valuable insights into marketers’ priorities, challenges, and performance. With over 57% of respondents indicating an increase in paid search spend YoY, these findings are especially crucial as we face economic challenges and uncertainty.”

AI and machine learning in marketing: Are you deploying the right models?


“AI Marketing, as shown in these examples, leverages technology to collect data, develop customer insights, anticipate the next best actions, and make automated decisions about marketing efforts. If your goal as a marketer is to drive revenue, help lower costs through efficiencies, and drive customer engagement and satisfaction, AI marketing can help you accomplish all of those things. Let’s explore three areas where AI Marketing can be helpful and what you should know about each area before starting any project. ”

The Rundown: Five (new) questions to ask about Netflix’s ad-supported plans


“Anticipation is growing among media buyers and advertisers as they await the details of Netflix’s plans to incorporate advertising into its streaming platform starting this fourth quarter. A good amount of Netflix’s content is widely regarded as high-quality that could fetch strong ad rates in a market that’s looking softer by the day. Since Netflix hasn’t revealed the details of its plan yet, several executives Digiday spoke with (all on condition of anonymity) asked a lot of questions surrounding its close-to-the-vest efforts to create what’s seen as an important revenue stream in the face of softening subscriber counts.”

4 potential winners from Netflix’s advertising plans

-The Motley Fool

“Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) surprised investors when management shared its plans to start offering an ad-supported tier of the streaming service in the near future. Importantly, the company is looking to partner with other companies in order to streamline its operation. Here are four companies that could benefit from Netflix’s advertising plans.”

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